A Vessel of Their Own

The crew spent a short time on the deserted isle, finding a small treasure hoard hidden in a cave with a pirate skeleton, being harried by monkeys, encountering a ghost named Mr. True, and subsisting on fruit and monkey meat. Soon enough the ship’s boat was repaired enough to be seaworthy, and a pair of crude oars were fashioned, and they were able to make their way to land.

Upon arriving back at Areen Port, their original port of departure, the crew struck a deal with the company that owned the now-sunk Aurochs, Aigéan Trading Co., to be paid for their shares as originally agreed in exchange for returning the ship’s boat in which they survived the sinking. As it turns out, the boat had a secret compartment, in which items unknown had been smuggled back to Aigéan Trading. And furthermore, an unnamed patron who looked favorably upon Queequeg’s faith recommended them to Mr. Enoch Guth for a business venture.

The crew have agreed to a deal with Guth where they receive 1/5 ownership of a new ship to be commanded and crewed by them, in exchange for four voyages returning a profit of at least 18,000$ each to Aigéan Trading, whereupon ownership of the vessel will transfer in full to the crew.