Maiden Voyage

Having acquired a ship, christened The Fisher Price My First Taupe Clipper, the crew set forth to seek their fortunes. Needing to pay off their debt, they accepted a hopefully lucrative contract to chart and survey a small chain of islands, looking for valuable and exploitable resources.

Upon arriving at the destination, they discovered a pirate cave and met the island residents who had recently suffered the predation of orcish slavers. The islanders agreed to share their knowledge of the islands—including a vein of gold ore—with the crew and cooperate with the company wanting to exploit the island, if the crew would agree to rescue those captured by the slavers.

The crew pursued the slavers, spying their ships beached on a nearby island, recognizable by the blue-white striped sails charged with an emblem of a shackled man. A short fight ensued in which the crew defeated several slavers and rescued the islanders. They were able to return to Areen Port successful, earning a tidy commission that met the contractual requirements of their debt.