Old Pirate’s Hideaway

Faced with several job offers, none of which would meet the profit requirement of their contract by themselves, the crew worked out a way to accomplish two voyages in one and thereby satisfy their debtors. One would be a simple trading voyage, carrying cargo from one place to another, while another would be to collect on a bounty for Corine ‘Brown Teeth’ Klark.

Meanwhile, Zenevieva was contacted by someone who claimed to know her from before her amnesia. The old sailor, retired from the sea, offered her ‘the same deal as before’: the location of a piece of treasure he knew about, in exchange for 10% of the value of that treasure. The crew scrimped together 2,000$ to give the old man and he provided them a map to a location that, by some coincidence, happened to be on the island of ‘Brown Teeth’ Klark’s encampment.

The crew accomplished one leg of the trading mission, detouring to Klark’s island to claim the bounty and retrieve the treasure. They made their way through a tunnel maze and solved a puzzle to uncover a jewel-encrusted gold mask carved with the same runes they had previously seen on the gold plate covertly brought to Diveon by Capt. Goodyear Tristan. After that, they assaulted the pirate encampment, slaying Klark and her men.

On the return voyage to Areen Port, they were shadowed by the Black Corsair.