The Fisher Price My First Taupe Clipper returned to dock at Areen Port, while the crew attempted to understand the meaning and importance of the mask they found. Upon speaking to him, the old sailor knew without a doubt that the crew had recovered the mask, as he had heard rumors that the Black Corsair had been sighted shadowing their ship.

After two days in port, restocking the ship and allowing the hired seamen some leave, the crew discover that the port has been quarantined. With some investigation, it appears that the truth behind the quarantine is not quite what has been presented. Judging by the Arnum Navy warships that depart the harbor and return later in tatters, the crew guess that it may be the Black Corsair attacking ships that try to leave.

Meanwhile, a courier delivered a package to Orlando Turner. Burned into the wood of the crate was a brief message:
With compliments.
Mr. True
Inside the crate was a bottle of the Old Rumbullion, an antique liquor of great value.

Trying to find answers, the crew seek out the old sailor again, but discover he has been arrested, allegedly for fraud. It takes two attempts to extricate him from the City Guard keep (one attempt involving getting the Captain arrested for drunken behavior). Eventually they decide to take the mask and/or rubbings of its runes back to Diveon to find the person who translated the similar runes on Capt. Goodyear Tristan‘s gold plate.

But first the quarantine would have to be lifted. Deciding to investigate the ships that were allegedly the source of the plagued rats that prompted the quarantine, the crew discover that there are indeed rats: undead ones. Fleeing the swarm of skeletal rats, they set fire to the ships. Orlando, wanting any information that might shed some light on the situation, retrieved the ship’s logs from the captain’s quarters, where he had a brief confrontation with Mr. True.