The Slaver Platform

Concluding their business with the oracle in Durovernum, the crew set out to return to their ship on the other side of Diveon. Crossing the mountains through a high pass, they were buffeted by howling winds and nearly ambushed by a troll. In the ensuing fight, Queequeg was bitten on the ass.

After dispatching the troll and returning to their ship, the crew made out for home. Navigational troubles lead them off course, and they discovered something on the horizon. Approaching the strange platform, they prepared for a cautiously friendly greeting until they saw a familiar banner: blue and white stripes, with an emblem of a manacled man, the same as the sails on the slaver vessel they had previously encountered.

slaver sails sm

After fighting off the slaver’s attacking boats and a small submersible, they steered clear of the platform and resumed sailing for Areen Port. Once there, they sought out potential contracts for a fourth and final profitable voyage and found three: a trading mission to Greater Tros, an off-the-books transport job for a Brondite named David Malachim, and a request to transport “volunteer” prisoner colonists to a recently chartered colony.