The Whirlpool Thin

After exploring and debating the three contract opportunities they had found, the crew eventually opted (with some reluctance) to turn down the lucrative “volunteer” prisoner colonist transport contract and instead take the trading mission contract. By itself, it would not put them above the 18,000$ profit line needed to finish paying off their debt, but they hoped to be able to work into the voyage the smuggling job offered by Malachim.

Seeing that Waveless Cay is only a slight detour from the planned route, and that it was one of the locations indicated by the oracle to be a “thin”, the crew altered course to investigate. Directing their search to the point marked on the map, they discovered a secluded and hard to find cove. As the tide went out, a whirlpool formed, and Zenevieva and Queequeg braved a swim through the dangerous waters. In the course of this, Zen revealed to her crewmates that she had Sea Elf ancestry and that it gave her the ability to breath underwater.

As the whirlpool sucked them down, they found themselves ejected by an upwelling of water in a different place: the Sunless Sea. Zen used one of the ropes to swim back and bring Orlando and Bill Bawney down, and the crew began to explore their new, strange surroundings before being attacked by a pair of fungal crawlers.

A fungal crawler.