While awaiting the tide shifting and the whirlpool reversing, the crew explored the mushroom forest and soon came upon an unusual fortress or outpost of some kind. Approaching cautiously and scouting ahead with Knotty, they were attacked by a concealed crossbowman. A fight ensued as the crew rushed the outpost and battled their way inside, dispatching several Drow and recovering a treasure chest, before withdrawing from the area when a larger force of Drow approached.

Back aboard the Fisher Price My First Taupe Clipper, the crew examined the loot. Among some valuables and magic items, there were two books: one was a travelogue by a pilgrim seeking to learn about all the religions across the Sunless Sea, the other was a treatise on relations between the Drow and the Sea Elves in sea elvish.

Resuming their journey to complete the trading mission, the crew was dismayed to learn the cargo of salted hides destined for Greater Tros’s tanneries had contracted some kind of fungus, possibly from spores brought back from the Sunless Sea. Further troubles arose on the final leg of the journey, carrying a cargo hold full of bees. Due to penalties on their promised earnings, they would fall just short of the final 18,000$ payment needed to get out from debt to Aigéan Trading Co.

That is when they were approached by Enoch Guth. He knew they had been to the Sunless Sea and recovered a treasure, thanks to a spy among the crew, and promised to cancel the last of the debt in exchange for the large stash of coins recovered. After that deal was completed, he offered the crew a new deal: they could take up the position left vacant when Capt. Goodyear Tristan died, and become Aigéan Trading Co.’s agents in the field.