The Octopus’s Maw

Braving the risks, the crew dove down to the colossal octopus lurking in its lair below and managed to swim into its beak, passing through the thin and emerging in the Sunless Sea on a black sand beach. Nearby was a mushroom farm being worked by slaves. Convincing the slaves of their good intent, the crew learned that three of their sailors who had been pulled overboard in the octopus attack were alive here in the Sunless Sea; one was hiding, while two had been wounded and were captured by drow.

Retrieving their sailor and taking along the one slave brave enough to dare escape, the crew followed the road toward the nearby drow city. There they discovered a slave market by the docks and, through the clever use of disguises, managed to extract their two remaining crew. They made for the docks where a slaver ship was moored and got into a scuffle with the two orcs manning the vessel but managed to hold off the oncoming drow guards long enough to escape.

The crew followed another slaver ship ascending up another thin towards the surface world and got into a running battle with that ship and with a drow ship chasing them. They managed to destroy the drow ship and emerged on the surface, cornered by the orc slaver, but just in the nick of time a volley of burning barrels from the Fisher Price My First Taupe Clipper put an end to the battle.

Investigating the slaver ship, the crew found a satchel containing jagged crystal pieces that appeared to have once been something now shattered. Carefully reassembling it, they realized it was a magic crystal chest, containing several items of value.