“The Captain”


An old drunk hired by the crew for his nautical prowess. And also to use as a distraction when they get him arrested on purpose. He serves as the Bosun of the Fisher Price My First Taupe Clipper.

Capt. Goodyear Tristan


(deceased) The captain of the civilian trading vessel Aurochs, on which the crew served for approximately eight tenths of a round trip under contract from Aigéan Trading Co. He had in his possession a gold disc engraved with strange runes, regarding which he consulted with someone on Diveon with the crew keeping watch outside. Returning to Areen Port, the Aurochs was attacked by the Black Corsair, and sunk; Tristan was last seen ordering the crew into one of the two lifeboats while taking the other for himself. He is presumed to have been killed in the attack.

Enoch Guth


An agent of the Aigéan Trading Co., which owned the Aurochs and held a contract with Capt. Goodyear Tristan. Due to a letter of recommendation on the part of someone associated with the Church of the Storytellers, Guth offered a contract to the crew to purchase & outfit a ship in exchange for 80% of profits from all voyages until they managed to complete four voyages of at least 18,000$ profit for AIC.


bartholomewAn elderly sailor, retired from the sea. He claimed to know Zenevieva from before her amnesia, and had previously made a deal to sell her the location of a treasure he had stolen and hidden when he used to be a pirate. That treasure was discovered to be a gold mask encrusted with jewels on the face and carved with runes on the back. Durrell also knew that the mask was connected somehow with the Black Corsair. Durrell was briefly arrested by the City Guard of Areen Port, until the crew broke him out.

Mr. True

mr trueIt’s not completely clear exactly who or what Mr. True is, but he seems to have some connection with death and/or undeath, and he has taken a particular interest in Orlando. He sent a bottle of The Old Rumbullion to Orlando.