Peaceful Brotherhood of Arnum

Size: 353,131 sq.mi. (a bit bigger than Nigeria, or Arizona + New Mexico + Colorado)

Population: 5.9m (a bit smaller than the population of Lebanon, or Alabama + Montana)

Government: General Dmitriy Benedikt & Admiral Maybelle Stanton (​timocratic stratocracy)

Capital: Fort Velorath (pop. 572k)

Major Cities:

  • Aldergate (pop. 206k)
  • Garde Swartbourne (pop. 82k)
  • Tyroford Redoubt (pop. 66k)

Arnum is easily the most militaristic of the coastal nations, but despite this they maintain a strict policy of non-aggression. They hold peace & co-defense treaties with their fellow nations & have pledged never to wage a war of aggression. While their land forces could never match Magna Patria’s overall might, they are at least on par with the Patrian legions stationed throughout the coastal nations. Where they surpass Magna Patria is in sea power, possessing the most powerful navy in the region. They use this navy as a policing & peacekeeping force. Many pirates have met their end under the guns of Arnum.

The government is directly under the control of the Arnum military. Advancement & appointment within the government is equivalent to a promotion of military rank, and is based on a complicated system of ‘moral value’. Those possessing the most honor are selected for higher military ranks & commensurate political positions. The means of gaining honor are many & varied, but often focused on the capture or defeat of an enemy, such as pirates.

Openly, the other nations view Arnum favorably for keeping the peace in the region, but secretly many people worry that if the wrong person were to be appointed head of state the peaceful nation would quickly turn aggressive & overwhelm the other nations.

(Point of reference: take two parts Central/South American military junta & one part Viking raiders, plus a dash of UN peacekeeping forces)