Size: 205,398 sq.mi. (a bit smaller than France, or Indiana + Ohio + Kentucky + Tennessee + Alabama)

Population: 3.1m (a bit smaller than the population of Mongolia, or Utah)

Government: Governor Mina Nicholia (independent province)

Capital: Coriallum (pop. 257k)

Major Cities:

  • Rackport Bay (pop. 131k)
  • Port Aquileia (pop. 99k)
  • Crow’s Snag (pop. 59k)

Occupying the entirety of Clypeus, the largest island in the region, Diveon is the most sparsely populated of the major powers. Powerful sea storms blowing in from the northwest are prone to slam the island; “Clypeus” means “shield” in lingua gentis, named for its tendency to shield the coast & smaller islands from these storms. However, this means that Diveon’s windward east coast is a storm-scoured & rocky landscape. Even the leeward west coast is considered a harsh place to live by mainland sensibilities. Nonetheless, the majority of Diveon’s citizens live on the east side of the island to be closer to rich fishing waters & veins of ore found there; the cities there are easy enough to identify, thanks to the hardened seawalls & windbreaks.

Magna Patria took great effort to settle Diveon as a colony, but frequent administrative difficulties, minor uprisings, & other headaches made the empire reconsider & declare the island independent. Diveon still considers themselves a colony & dependant of Magna Patria. Magna Patria considers Diveon a fully self-governing & sovereign nation. Obviously, this not infrequently leads to occasional diplomatic confusion. Internally, at least, the government of Diveon still operates under the same structure it did as a colony, & the head of state is still titled governor.

(Point of reference: colonial Australia; Canada’s relationship to the United Kingdom)