Holy Brond

Size: 310,200 sq.mi. (a bit smaller than Namibia, or Texas + Louisiana)

Population: 5.1m (about the population of Eritrea, or Iowa + New Mexico)

Government: Pontifex Maximus, Patriarch Bruster (theocratic kritarchy)

Capital: Arvaikheer (pop. 337k)

Major Cities:

  • Kharod (pop. 158k)
  • Skalmarnes (pop. 84k)
  • Lyunsk (pop. 57k)

The Church of Brond & the nation Holy Brond are indistinguishable, effectively two sides of the same coin. The head of state & the leader of the church are one in the same, an office titled Patriarch (Matriarchs, female rulers of Holy Brond, are rare in the nation’s history). The church is organized by a hierarchy that was originally modeled on that of Magna Patria, with members of the clergy progressing their careers by ascending ranks known as degrees. Matters of law are decided by judicial vicars or judices.

The Church of Brond is pantheistic, worshiping all the major gods of the world. The patron god of the nation is Abadar. Sub-orders of the church are dedicated to each of the gods. The patron deity of the reigning Patriarch’s sub-order is typically elevated to a position of high veneration; Bruster’s patron is Torag.

Many outsiders consider Holy Brond to be stuck up & arrogant. They are known to be harsh on pirates, except when those pirates display great piety in which case they are often granted letters of marque.

(Point of reference: the Vatican, the Holy Roman Empire, certain Islamic states, &c.)