Circle of Kesten

Size: 360,870 sq.mi. (a bit smaller than Egypt, or California + Nevada + Oregon)

Population: 6.4m (a bit more than the population of Libya, or Louisiana + Idaho)

Government: Archmage Navang (noocratic magocracy; de facto gerontocracy)

Capital: Darkwater Isle (pop. 352k)

Major Cities:

  • Dirihaven (pop. 275k)
  • Gravenfort (pop. 148k)
  • Graydrift (pop. 105k)

The government of Kesten is exclusively held by those capable of practicing the arcane arts. Advancement is based on a system of challenging a member of a higher rank in a strictly regulated duel, so the higher ranks are occupied by more capable magicians. Because magical ability often depends on spending years or decades of one’s life dedicated to study, there is a strong correlation between age & rank. Consequently, at least once in the nation’s history the ruling rank of Archmage has been held by a lich.

Most outsiders regard Kesten as mysterious & foreboding, especially those who do not possess magical ability. It has also been said that what one gains in arcane learning, they lose in sanity, meaning that both outsiders & Kesten’s own citizens are wary of the Archmage. Holy Brond in particular considers Kesten a cloister of heresy, due to “consorting with devils”.

(Point of reference: the Unseen University in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld)