Union of Lecath

Size: 416,821 sq.mi. (a bit smaller than Bolivia, or Idaho + Montana + Wyoming + North Dakota)

Population: 7.9m (a bit more than the population of Hong Kong, or Oregon + Oklahoma)

Government: King Myre Maroden (absolute monarchy*)

Capital: Areen (pop. 743k)

Major Cities:

  • Dappleward Bay (pop. 334k)
  • Kenningward (pop. 257k)
  • Whisperwind Harbor (pop. 124k)

By most metrics, the Union of Lecath is the most prosperous & successful of the coastal nations. Lecath has a strong mercantile economy, with a significant proportion of traders & merchants on the seas hailing from home ports in Lecath, & the nation has established numerous settlements on islands throughout the region. Lecath is also notable for being the only nation still ruled by a monarch; however, it is something of an open secret that the monarch is only a puppet & the true power behind the throne lies with the guilds, particularly The King’s Company, a trading corporation.

Opinions regarding the Union of Lecath typically hover around neutral to positive. Even nations that have opposed Lecath in various conflicts in the past usually return to friendly status with the resumption of trade.

(Point of reference: any typical seapower nation in the middle ages, particularly England or Italy; the Incans were briefly ruled by puppet emperors controlled by  Francisco Pizarro & his conquistadors)