Magna Patria

Size: 3,886,574 sq.mi. (a bit bigger than the maximum size of the Roman Empire, or Canada)

Population: 67,200,000 (about the population of France, or California + Texas)

Government: Triumvirs Titus Justinian, Jovia Augustus, & Decaius Vola Aquillae; & the Senate (imperial dictatorship)

Capital: Civitas Solis (pop. 3.5m)

Major Cities:

  • Caurium (pop. 2.0m)
  • Iguvium (pop. 830k)
  • Calleva Basti (pop. 160k)

The undisputed ruling superpower of the known world. Magna Patria is capable of projecting power far beyond their borders, both militarily & diplomatically. Internally, the nation is wealthy & life is comfortable for most. The culture is somewhat stratified by social class, but class mobility is common. Slavery is legal, but functionally it is closer to indentured servitude & ill treatment of one’s slaves is prohibited. The government is presided over by a Triumvirate of three rulers, who shares a modicum of power with the Senate. To qualify for political office, a person must first pass through a series of civil service posts called the Cursus Honorum.

Patrian influence is felt throughout the coastal countries. Patrian currency, the Imperial Solar (symbol $), is used throughout the region. Patrian merchants & emissaries are in every major town & port, & their legions are stationed here & there in the mainland. The Patrian navy is the second most powerful navy on the seas, but it usually only patrols near the coast, off the shores of Diveon, & along the trade routes to & from Diveon.

Attitudes towards Magna Patria vary. Those who are in the empire’s good graces typically see them as a benevolent big brother, while others who chafe under the indirect rule see them as harsh masters.

(Point of reference: the Roman Empire at its peak)