League of Vesh

Size: 21 cities totalling 47.4 sq.mi. (about the size of Walt Disney World)

Population: ~1.2m (about the population of Houston, TX)

Government: de facto head of state Mertor Tansen (​thalassocratic confederation)

Capital: no capital

Major Cities:

  • Academy Lagoon (pop. 114k)
  • Vesh (pop. 103k)
  • Apogee (pop. 94k)
  • Silver Veil Enclave (pop. 87k)

Strictly speaking, the League of Vesh is not a country. Rather, it is a tight-knit confederation of independent city states & business concerns. They hold no territory besides cities or enclaves within other nations’ cities. The system of governance is a tightly controlled democracy in which only ship captains may vote. In theory, each captain’s vote is his or her own, but in practice companies that own multiple ships (and can fire & replace a captain whose views do not align with the company’s) operate voting blocs. The largest voting bloc belongs to the Veshrim Mercantile Concern, whose governor Mertor Tansen is therefore the de facto head of state for the league, although they can still be outvoted by a majority.

The League of Vesh is looked upon favorably by the other countries. Not only is the League wealthy, but they are also difficult to wage war upon. They have no territory to take, & even if one wished to sack one a League city, many are enclaves of cities belonging to other nations, making such a sack politically risky. When hostilities do arise, the League tends to use their wealth to hire mercenary fleets. All told, most consider it simply easier to maintain good relations.

(Point of reference: the Hanseatic League, renaissance city-states)