Imperial Solar

solar coin

The Imperial Solar, often called just “solar” or “sol”, is the official currency of Magna Patria and de facto currency of the Aigéan Thorthúil. While some countries use currencies of their own, almost all vendors and traders will accept solars. The symbol for the Imperial Solar is an I superimposed on an S, thus: $.

The coin itself is 22.73mm in diameter and 1.725mm thick (just a shy bit smaller than a US quarter). It is difficult to counterfeit, as the Patrian mint actually creates the coin by plating gold around a copper ‘blank’. The coin contains 9 grams of gold and 1.9 grams of copper, for a total weight of 10.9g (about four tenths of an ounce; approx 40 solar coins to a pound).

The obverse bears an image of the sun with 32 rays. Surrounding this image are the words “Imperium Magna Patria” below and the slogan “Adversus Solem Ne Loquitor” above, meaning “do not speak against the Sun”. (This slogan replaced the previous slogan of “A Solis Ortu Usque Ad Occasum”, meaning “from sunrise to sunset”.) On the reverse of the coin are three small profile portraits of the reigning Triumvirs at the time when the coin was struck.

The purchasing power of the solar varies slightly from one port to another and between different traders, but it is typically sufficient to buy one pound of cinnamon or one goat. For smaller purchases, lesser denomination coins are widely circulated in 1/10 and 1/100 solar values, as well as a 10 solar coin.