Lingua Gentis (Common) – The language of Magna Patria, & the lingua franca of the region, especially the mainland.

Ĵargono de la Maristo, Sailor’s Cant (Trade) – A creole language spoken by sailors & in ports to facilitate communication between ships whose crew might not speak the same languages. Originally a pidgin of several languages combined, but has developed & evolved into its own language. Some multinational or multiethnic crews might speak sailor’s cant exclusively aboard ship.

Aos sí Teanga (Elvish) – The language of the Elves. Many who do not speak it consider it to have a very lilting, sing-song quality. Very common in the Circle of Kesten.

дварфская, “Dvarfskaya” (Dwarven) – The language of the Dwarves. Uses an odd alphabet. Very common in Holy Brond.

க்னோம் மொழி, “Kṉōm Moḻi” (Gnomish) – The language of the Gnomes. If the Dvarfskaya alphabet is ‘odd’, Kṉōm Moḻi is downright bizarre; For instance, the name of the language is written out as “க்னோம் மொழி”. Not especially common in any particular area, but smatterings can be found throughout the region.

Iaith Hannerling (Halfling) – The language of the Halflings. Very common in New Abria.

Ork Govor (Orcish) – The language of the Orcs. Somewhat common in the Peaceful Brotherhood of Arnum, as well as in the unclaimed lands north and south of the region.

Slave Argot (secret) – Originally developed as a way for slaves to communicate discreetly without their masters overhearing, but now used just as often as a kind of thieves’ cant. Unlike most languages that have spoken & written versions, slave argot has neither of these. Instead, it consists of a gestural version (hand signs, arm positioning, & body posing), & audible (tapping, clapping, coughing, clicking, sighing, &c.). Can be used for secret communication, but sometimes even people who don’t speak it still know how to recognize it on sight or hearing.

Kana Eme (??) – Little is known about this language, other than that it exists. Samples of the language are very rare, though references to the language exist in some scholarly texts. Almost no one claims to be able to speak the language, but the Circle of Kesten has outlawed its use nonetheless.