The Old Rumbullion


There are many types of rum, ranging from grog (cheap rum mixed with water, often given to sailors in a daily ration) to fine spirits, but it is widely accepted that the best rum in the Aigéan Thorthúil is The Old Rumbullion. At its height of popularity, a common, sealed bottle would fetch prices of 10$ or more, while select bottles might be well over 50$. However, the distillery that produced The Old Rumbullion has not existed for more than a century, meaning that no new bottles are being made, which drastically increases the value of those bottles still in existence. Even a previously common bottle, now in rather poor condition, might be worth 100$ or more.

Certain production years are more highly valued, whether for quality of the rum or rarity of the remaining bottles. In particular, the years between 703 and 710 are among the rarest to find, and Year 708 is considered by many to be the highest quality rum to come from the distillery. For example, a badly deteriorated bottle of Year 708, recovered from a shipwreck with the integrity of its wax seal in doubt, was bought for 1,345$ at auction.

A courier delivered a crate to Orlando, sent by Mr. True, containing a bottle of Year 708 in good condition; still sealed with wax, a little caked with dust, with the label peeling.