House Rules


Upon leveling up, when a player rolls their character’s hit die to determine how by how many hit points their maximum increases, they may keep the first die result or choose to reroll. They are limited to one reroll, and they must keep the second result, even if it is worse than the original roll.

Bonus Skill Ranks

In addition to the normal number of skill ranks earned each level for a character’s class and intelligence bonus, characters also earn two bonus skill ranks. However, these bonus skill ranks may only be applied to a limited selection of skills:

  • Climb: for climbing ships’ rigging
  • Craft (Shipwright): for repairing all parts of a ship, including hull, masts, rigging, sails, hardware, &c.
  • Craft (Carpentry): for building & repairing wooden items, including some parts of ships (not all), chests, furniture, &c.
  • Knowledge (Geography)*: for aiding in navigation, identifying islands spotted, &c.
  • Profession (Sailor): general, all-around useful
  • Profession (Cartographer): for making maps & aiding in navigation
  • Perform (any)*: for singing sea shanties, playing instruments, storytelling, &c. to entertain crew
  • Sleight of Hand*: for tying & untying knots
  • Survival*: for navigating, fishing, surviving at sea or marooned on desert islands

* (bonus skill ranks may be used only if not a class skill)

Sailing Rules

(coming soon)